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Catastrophic Injuries


Catastrophic Injuries

We provide attendant care services to clients with:

Traumatic Brain Injury
We provide care for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Survivors by assisting them as they manage disabilities and other health issues that resulted from their head injuries.

Tube Feeding
Our Care professionals are trained to administer tube feeding sessions for patients with digestive issues or have difficulty with swallowing or oral feeding.

Spinal Cord Injury
Many patients require mobility assistance and personal care after suffering Spinal Cord Injuries. We provide them with direct one-on-one assistance at home.

Back Injuries
As the patient undergoes therapy for back injuries, our caregivers will be there to assist during treatment sessions and to provide emotional support that fosters healing.

Neck Injuries
The delicate conditions of patients with neck injuries require constant supervision and personal care. Our capable caregivers are ready to attend their health management issues at home or in their preferred environment for recovery.

For paraplegic patients, our caregivers will provide mobility support and assistance in the use of medical equipment.

When a patient loses muscle function and sensory feeling, he or she will require personal care and ambulatory support. We have trained caregiver staff who can address their mobility needs at home or when traveling to doctors appointments.

Quadriplegic individuals require round-the-clock assistance from our caregivers with needs spanning from personal hygiene, feeding, medication administration, to transfers/mobility.


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